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We can install any types of fences, from vinyl, aluminum, wood and chainlink (hurricane). We guarantee timely and professionally fence installation always. With our own professional experienced installers working with your design every step of the way, there will be no surprises when it comes time to set and install YOUR fence. Here are some of the types of fences that we work with, and a bit of information about them for you to read.

Wood Fence

Perhaps you are looking for a wooden privacy fence, or just a old-school good looking picket fence? Long ago ever since people started marking land and property lines and owning land, wood has been used to mark borders as well as provide a certain level of protection and a feeling of security. Wood fencing remains one of the most popular options for fence materials. The access to distinct styles and the comparatively low cost have kept wood at the mainstream of fencing even today. When most people think of a fence, they do think of the classic wooden fence.


A privacy fence is perfect, even recommended for residential areas. At 6′ tall or specifically tailored to your requirements, it will keep unwanted visitors and prying eyes out. It’s perfect if you have a pool and would like to swim with a little privacy! Besides that, you’re legally obligated to reasonably secure your pool, so a fence is a great budget option that looks great. The simple design of the wood fence will definitely complement the look of your home and lawn. You could also choose a picket fence which is a timeless look that will bring personality to your dwelling. You always have the option to leave your fence its natural wood color. But, you also have the option to go for some color – or the ever popular white paint. With a nod to history – how about your very own split rail wood fence? This type of fencing dates back to early America in which the railings were made with fallen trees and can be still found encompassing many historic landmarks.

Aluminum Fence

If you’re looking for affordable, versatile, and strong fencing, look no further than aluminum fences! For a lot of people, its the ultimate type of fencing.

While aluminum is comparable in look to a normal wrought steel and iron fence; when it comes to flexibility, it surpasses other alternatives available. Aluminum is provided in a vast assortment of layouts, shapes, sizes and color options to perfectly fit your house and yard or office. Added custom options, colors and enhancements are also available upon request, and that’s part of the appeal of aluminum fencing.

Aluminum is flexible enough to be used for nearly any project, whether your land is flat or muddy. It’s also generally easier on the wallet compared to steel and other metals. In addition, with the advantage of being low-maintenance, aluminum fencing is an investment which could save you money in the long run because unlike steel, it won’t rust and therefore will not call for a fresh coat of paint every year or two.  Just a simple hose with water when needed will do just fine for cleaning it. That may be what aluminum fence owners like the most, essentially 0 maintenance.

Most aluminum fencing materials are created from recycled aluminum which makes it environmentally friendly as well. It can possibly last a lifetime, withstanding wear and tear better than wood, steel, chain link, as well as wrought iron.

Commercial Fencing

Chain link fencing has been recognized as the first choice for long durable, safe and economic fencing. It has a myriad of applications both outside and inside. From colleges to airports, warehouses to resorts, it is possible to find commercial chain-link fencing about anywhere you go.

Advantages of commercial chain link fencing include:

Strength – Safeguard your property and resources
Durability – without a maintenance and lasts for years
Affordability – Can fit even the toughest budget

We build physically and visually intimidating safety fences, to offer you the highest level of protection we can. Our high security fences are designed and built to keep intruders out. Let us show you what a difference experience makes. We have provided commercial fencing for a number of clients.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing products have smooth surfaces with no nails, sharp edges or chance for splinters. You, your children, and pets are safer. Vinyl has a tough surface, keeps almost no moisture and does not have a taste – and horses won’t “crib” or chew on a plastic fence. Furthermore, our experience proves that vinyl fencing holds up to routine property maintenance, including the abuse of most kinds of weed eaters. In North Carolina,while the ever-changing weather is demanding on a lot of materials, vinyl fencing holds up for many years and looks as great as the day it had been installed with very little maintenance. If you still have questions about vinyl for your particular situation, ask us or check out the the gallery for more ideas.


When you have numerous different design that you have seen, but are not sure how to incorporate them in your backyard, and certainly have NO idea about how to actually GET it in your backyard, we can help! We will ensure your deck functions the way that you require it to. We can make certain there’s enough room for that magnificent new table and chair set you discovered or to create that cozy sitting area where you can curl up in the sun and read a good book!

We offer an abundance of knowledge and expertise in all phases of building. Beginning with layout, to space planning, to selecting accessories and finishes, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Our design providers offer you all you will need to create a more beautiful, backyard living space.

We also carry various handrails that we can put in on your porch, deck, as well as stairs. Railings arrive in various styles, materials, and colors. Homeowners can choose from wood, PVC and vinyl, or aluminum. Call us today for a free quote.