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Kitting is used to fulfill orders that require the assembly of any number of items to be packaged into a ready-to-ship package, or kit. From there, completed kits can either be temporarily stored or sent out on exact and precise schedules. The big idea when it comes to medical kitting is efficiency.

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This principle of efficient can be compared to any medical practice. You’re probably going to be spending most of your time with nurses or assistants, only seeing the doctor for important things like diagnosis where their expertise is really needed most. With this routine the more valuable time of the doctor can be spread around as much as possible. Same with medical kitting, we aim to save you from having to do the dirty work so you can really focus on all the other things you have going on.

Most normal medical things you can think of can easily be assembled into a medical kit. The contents of course are all up to you and your goal. On the average we handle companies that do things with DNA & RNA testing of some sort, but our product list truly covers just about everything. We also will print out any special instructions you have and include them in the kit just to be sure that your customers know how to use everything correctly if they need it.

Personalized Med Kit

When medical device kits need to be distributed, it becomes more cost effective to have them pre-built in batches. Pre-assembling kits like this offers a number of advantages over waiting to pick and pack the components as individual orders arrive. You go ahead and gather all the supplies you’ll need and package them all together. The more kits produced at one time, the lower the assembly time will be for each kit. This is because the large production of kits offers a more streamlined approach, and decreases the number of starts and stops, rather than producing kits as they’re needed to ship out.

When you are sending out large quantities of medical kits, all of the different components can be arranged and gather to save the most amount of space and keep them packed tight so they can’t raddle around during shipping. It’s much faster to ship out a kit that you have made than to assemble one then ship it out. We also offer custom printing services for your kits, we can brand them so they can stand out and people will know who they’re from, as well as provide saliva preservation devices. Anything you need printed, we’ve got you.